April 2019

Launch of the Parliamentary Education Charitable Trust

Image: Rt Hon. Trevor Mallard speaks at the launch of the Parliamentary Education Trust. Source: https://www.victoria.ac.nz/sog/about/news/1741701-new-qualification-for-mps-offered-by-school-of-government 

On Wednesday 3 April the Parliamentary Education Charitable Trust, sponsored by Sir Owen Glenn, was formally launched at Parliament. The purpose is to provide opportunities for members of Parliament to build their knowledge and skills for their role in targeted ways – including being more effective select committee members, Chairs and spokespeople, and being more able to provide robust scrutiny and effective opposition.

Sir Owen Glenn has committed $450kNZ to this initiative because he believes that “such an investment in education will enhance our nation’s representative democracy.”

Sarah McLaughlinLaunch of the Parliamentary Education Charitable Trust
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