Sir Owen Glenn Liver Cancer Research Program

Image: Left to right- Associate Professor Amany Zekry, Sir Owen Glenn and Professor Emad El-Omar.

Sir Owen G. Glenn. contributed $3 million to the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation– (the largest single private donation they had ever received) to help launch a program that’s ultimate aim is to prevent liver cancer and will also work to improve cancer treatment after it has developed.

This project is differentiated from other liver cancer research projects as it investigates the role of the microbiome in the initiation, promotion, progression and treatment of liver cancer. The microbiome is an under researched field that is the most exciting and promising new frontier in medicine. The research will be led by Australia’s first Microbiome Research Centre (MRC). This centre will combine the collaborative efforts of leaders in the field of cancer, both national and international. Through their collaborative efforts, the project aims to define the microbiome signature associated with the development of liver cancer and mechanisms by which it influences the tumour inflammatory/immunogenic microenvironment. This will be relevant to the treatment of the cancer as well as its prevention.

Most excitingly, at the pre-cancer stage, the results will have key preventative implications as patients at risk of developing cancer, can be identified.

Lead scientist, Professor Amany Zekry says results are expected within three years, and the findings will pave the way for human interventional trials.

Sir Owen’s generous donation has established a world class research programme  in liver cancer, one that will deliver real progress in the fight against this global killer, said Ms Jacquie Stratford, CEO of the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation

“Sir Owen’s contribution was fundamental for launching this research project. The money he provided will fund the salaries of key researchers, cover the costs of the studies, purchase key equipment and all the experiments needed to conclude a successful programme,” continued Ms Stratford.

“I am privileged to fund the important work of the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation. By investing in cancer research, I hope we can find better, more effective ways of treating this disease – and preventing it all together,” said Sir Owen.


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